sunday ROW80 check-in ~ #2

It’s a beautiful, hot and sunny Sunday afternoon, and I’m loving it!  This morning and afternoon have been amazingly productive, and today’s check-in post will be my third piece of completed writing for the day.  Seriously, how can I ask for anything more?  So here’s the scoop on my first week in Round 3 of ROW80:

  • Goal #1 – Write 1000 words daily.  I met this goal on Thursday, Friday and Sunday (today).  I was 20 words short on Wednesday, but come on, Wednesday was a holiday wasn’t it? The other part of this goal is that I take one day off from my writing, preferably Saturday.  I managed to stay away from my WIP until about 8pm on Saturday night, and then I gave in to the need to write something.  All in all, I’m still pleased about how I’m doing with this goal.  But the first week of any new routine/challenge is often the easiest week, right? I’ll keep a lookout for rain clouds forming on the horizon.
  • Goal #2 – Stick to my blog post schedule.  I made a post on Thursday, though I’m not sure how deep the thoughts in that post were, and it wasn’t all that I wanted it to be.  I’m looking at it as a learning experience and realizing that I’m going to need to work harder at finding interesting things to blog about on Thursdays.  I’m making my Sunday blog post now, and this morning I completed the book review for tomorrow’s post.  I feel like I’m doing okay on this goal, too.
  • Goal #3 – Complete the first draft of my WIP.  Since the starting date of July 2nd for Round 3 of ROW80, I have added just over 9,200 words to my WIP.  Whoop!  During this morning’s writing session, I completed the first draft of chapter 4 and I’m hoping to find time today to plot out chapter 5.

I mentioned in my Wednesday check-in that my writing periods were a little bit out of whack.  They are starting to return to normal and I’m starting to write in the mornings again.  Maybe I was just in a bit of a momentary funk or something, but I suppose eventually everything does work itself out.

Another observation that I’m making about my goals is that the one day of the week I was trying not to work on my WIP was the one day that the writing seemed to come easier, and it was also the day that I wrote the most.  I completed an entire scene last night while writing and the time seemed to fly by. Also, the thing about that scene is that it’s important for laying groundwork for another novel project in this series.  I’m not really sure how to explain last night’s writing session, and then, maybe it doesn’t really need explanation.  I’ll look at it as a win, but I’ll still try again next Saturday to take a break from writing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and looking in on my progress.  Good luck to all of my fellow ROWers in Week 2!

5 thoughts on “sunday ROW80 check-in ~ #2

  1. fakesteph July 8, 2012 / 6:45 pm

    9200 words is a huge chunk!! Congrats. It sounds like you are making amazing progress!!!!

    • mirrorcove32 July 8, 2012 / 9:14 pm

      thanks for leaving me a comment! yes, i am surprisingly making good progress, and it’s not even a nano month! i think i just like this project so it’s fun to work on, for the moment anyway!

    • mirrorcove32 July 10, 2012 / 8:58 am


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