(belated) wednesday ROW80 check-in ~ #5

Yes, my post is late! Last night, as the clock rolled past midnight, I was in the middle of an epic writing session that not only yielded 6300+ words but also made my heroine’s life rather miserable.  Someone got wine thrown in his face, tears were shed, trust was betrayed, and loads of embarrassment was felt.  Unfortunately, it’s going to get a bit worse before it gets better for my heroine.  You can see now how I might have neglected to get my post in on time, right? Maybe? Just a little?  Okay, then, let me just give you what you’ve come for…

  • Goal #1 – Write 1000 words daily.  The second week of ROW80 yielded all kinds of writing challenges.  The third week has gone much better for me, I’m happy to report.  I met my 1000 word writing goal on Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday.  Saturday is my scheduled day off from writing and I did take the day off.  Go me!  Sunday I wrote 681 words, and Tuesday, I didn’t write anything at all.  Oddly, on Tuesday I got stuck in a place in my draft that I never thought would have caused trouble, and so nothing got written at all.  Gratefully, I’m past that little roadblock.
  • Goal #2 – Stick to my blog post schedule.  While the writing has been going well over the last week, the blogging has not.  I missed my Sunday check-in, I missed my Monday book review (I ran into a problem last week–both novels that I finished were books 6 and 4, respectively, in a series; it didn’t feel right to post a review of a book in an ongoing series because what if readers hadn’t read the books that came before? They wouldn’t be able to follow my review.  It was quite the conundrum and so I elected not to post a review at all on Monday), and my Wednesday check-in, as I ‘ve already explained above, is late.  Bah!  This area of my goals definitely needs to see improvement over the next week.
  • Goal #3 – Complete the first draft of my WIP.  This is the little ray of happiness in my goals this week.  Since Round 3 of ROW80 began, I have added just over 33K words to my draft.  Given that goal #1 is to write 1000 words each day and to take Saturday’s off, I was only expecting that I would write 26K words during the first 30 days of the round, but I’m well ahead of that pace. I’m in the middle of chapter seven of my WIP, and I’m thinking that maybe I am now halfway through my story.  I don’t plot out how many chapters there will be before I begin writing, but I do know how the story is going to end and my drafts are usually 90K to 100K words.  Right now, I’m sitting at just over 45K. I have so much excitement about this draft right now it’s a bit ridiculous but so much fun.

All right, that’s it.  I do actually have to bring this belated post to a quick conclusion since I have an appointment with The Dark Knight in just over an hour.  Have a great weekend, fellow ROWers and thanks for stopping by my blog!

2 thoughts on “(belated) wednesday ROW80 check-in ~ #5

  1. Lauren Garafalo July 26, 2012 / 11:02 am

    You’re having a great week so far!! Hooray for 6300 words – that’s amazing! Considering what you have accomplished, I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself for falling behind on blogging this week. You can only do so much. Have fun at the movies!!

    • mirrorcove32 July 26, 2012 / 2:46 pm

      Good advice because I usually am too hard on myself.

      Had a great time at the movies. The film is fantastic!

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