review: a dangerous hunger

Beware: A Dangerous Hunger is a racy read. It contains naughty language and graphic sexuality. If you prefer sweet romances, this one is not for you.

A Dangerous Hunger by J.S. Scott (2014)

A Dangerous Hunger is the second book in the paranormal romance series, The Sentinels. I haven’t read book one in this series and have to admit that was a mistake on my part. After finishing A Dangerous Hunger, my guess is that the books in this series are best read in order. That being said, I’ll do my best to avoid revealing any spoilers.

In the world of The Sentinels, there is a war raging between good and evil to which the humans of the world are blind. Standing on the side of evil are the Evils, demons created by the mythological Greek gods who were banished to the demon realm existing between Earth and Hades when they got out of control. However, with the power of the Greek gods waning to almost nothing, the Evils have been able to break free from the demon realm and terrorize humans. Enter the Sentinels. Also created by the Greek gods, the Sentinels stand on the side of good and were tasked with the responsibility of keeping humans safe from the Evils. The Sentinels are human men turned into immortal demons, their souls plunged into eternal darkness. That is, until they meet their radiants—mates who will bring light to their existence. It is within this world that the story of Talia and Drew unfolds.

Talia has a Ph.D. in history and uses her degree to research ancient history and write academic texts on the subject. For as long as she can remember, Talia has been able to sense the presence of ghosts and spirits but more recently has begun to sense the presence of demons. While her mother was battling cancer, Talia was nearly tempted into making a deal with an Evil in exchange for her mother’s life. Before the bargain could be struck, Talia was saved by a rescue Sentinel, whose job it is to prevent Evils from exploiting and taking over humans. This rescue Sentinel happens to be Hunter Winston (whose story is told in the third book of this series). Though it’s been years since her near miss with the Evil, she is now being hunted by them for reasons as yet unknown to her. Because of her abilities, Talia has led an isolated, solitary life. What she wants most is to find a place where she can belong, where she can build a life with people she cares about and who care about her. Her character arc throughout the story is to move from living an isolated existence and believing she’s an ugly duckling to building a life with friends and family and accepting and loving herself as she is.

Drew is a rescue Sentinel who lived his human life as an Irish farmer during the Great Potato Famine. This experience and nearly dying from hunger has made drew love food more than anything in the world. Drew lives with his two brothers, Zach (whose story is told in book one of this series) and Hunter, in Seattle. He has been tasked by the King of the Sentinels, Kristoff, to find and protect Talia from the Evils that are hunting her. She eludes him multiple times before they finally come face-to-face, and when that happens, he realizes at once she is his radiant. What Drew wants most is to protect his mate from the Evils that want to capture her, and this is the goal he seeks throughout the story. Drew’s character arc is flat (which is not the same as saying he’s a flat character) and consequently, he doesn’t undergo a significant change from the beginning to the end of the story.

A Dangerous Hunger doesn’t follow the conventional plot line for a romance novel (girl meets boy, girl gets boy, girl loses boy, girl gets boy back). I wasn’t really bothered by this given that as I kept reading, I could see that this book fits into a larger story arc that encompasses all four books in the series. I also wouldn’t necessarily say this is a love story. Yes, the plot is driven by the goal to get the two lovers together and mated, and the love plot is definitely the main plot. Really, though, A Dangerous Hunger is a sexy read for when you want to read a paranormal romance. It was exactly the book I was looking for when I was endlessly scrolling through my options. If you’re looking for a racy read set within a paranormal world, A Dangerous Hunger will meet your expectations. On a budget? At the time of this writing, A Dangerous Hunger (as well as all of the books in The Sentinels series) are available through Kindle Unlimited. If you’re not a KU subscriber, all of the books are collected in an omnibus that will cost you $4.99 plus tax. My guess is that if you like one book in the series, you’ll like them all.

Have you read A Dangerous Hunger or any of the other books in The Sentinels series? What did you think?

NOTE: I enjoy reading steamy romance novels but it’s not easy to find quality reads in this category. It can be challenging—even after you’ve read the back cover blurb and a sample—to know for sure if a particular book is worth your time and money. If you’re a reader like me who likes this category but wants quality over quantity, then drop a comment below and let me know if this review was helpful to you.

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