review: irresistible

Irresistible by Melanie Harlow (2019)

Dear Readers: I do not want to bury the lede here. Irresistible by Melanie Harlow is a fantastic, five-star read that made me cry, and then it made me laugh at the same time it was making me cry. Honestly, what more could I ask for? Nothing. Not. One. Thing. Irresistible is my favorite read of 2019 so far (and in case you were wondering, this is book #30 for the year), and here I am, once again writing about how amazing Melanie Harlow’s books are. Need another incentive? As of this writing, you can find Irresistible in the Kindle Unlimited library. If you’re not a subscriber, do not despair because this book is worth every penny of your book budget dollars. Give this author a chance to wow you.

This is the story of Frannie and Mack. Frannie is a woman in her late twenties who lives and works at Cloverleigh Farms, her family’s farm and business. Her talent is baking. Frannie makes macaron cookies for weddings and other events that take place at Cloverleigh. When first we meet her, she is saving a bride from walking back into her reception with toilet paper on her shoe and a broken strap on her dress. The bride encourages Frannie to consider starting her own baking business, and her journey toward achieving her goal is what drives her character development and arc for the remainder of the story. Mack is the current CFO and business manager at Cloverleigh Farms. He’s a divorced dad raising three daughters and trying to keep all of the balls in the air and not drop any of them. Over the last year, Frannie has helped Mack by babysitting the girls, and shortly after the story begins, Mack’s full-time babysitter breaks her hip and can’t take care of the girls. Thus, setting up the convention of the single dad and the nanny that has become so prevalent in the current landscape of romance novels. Both Frannie and Mack are likable characters and Mack’s three daughters—Millie, Felicity, and Winnie are completely adorable and add amazing depth to the story as a whole.

The story is told from Frannie and Mack’s alternating first person POV. I had no trouble becoming invested in both of them as individual characters as well as a couple. Harlow does an incredible job of making all of the characters real to the point that they jump off the page. The writing also kept me fully engaged to the point that I didn’t want to put the book down. I looked up and hours had passed and I kept on reading, skipping dinner in the process. I could gush and fangirl over this book, but I think you’re getting my point. Harlow stands out as a top-notch writer and her novels are everything I want when I look for my next romance read. Put her on your must-read list of authors. She more than deserves to be there.

I got more emotional satisfaction from reading this book than I get from watching most shows on Netflix. If reading is one of your luxuries and you have to watch how much you spend on books, all I can say is that Irresistible is worth your money and your time.

Have you read Irresistible or any of the other novels by Melanie Harlow? What did you think? Do you love them as much as I do?

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