Abandoned Books

How many times have you started a book only to get a quarter or halfway through it and realize it’s not at all what you wanted or thought you were going to get?

This happens to me more often than I like to admit. I’m not one of those people who advocates finishing every single book you start. Which means there are books that I end up abandoning, for any number of reasons. Every time this happens, I wish that the book description would have told me some key pieces of information that would have helped me to make a more informed decision on whether to buy or not buy.

Hence, I’m adding this page to my blog.  Books that I have started but then abandoned.

Burned by J.K. Harper. I tried. I really did try to at least finish this book. Especially since it was an actual purchase from my book budget. I stopped at 61% and didn’t pick it up for months. I only picked it back up because I’m trying to clear some titles from my kindle. The writing is bad and the pace is super slow. At 65% through the book I’m still waiting for the two lovers to actually get together. Don’t waste your time or money. [5/15/19]

Winter Takes All by Milly Taiden. I ran out of patience. I’m a big believer in the idea that the meet cute should take place no later than the second chapter of a romance novel. The meet cute for this book didn’t happen until chapter six (18% into the story). It was also predictable. I stopped at about 45% of the way through and decided I’d had enough. [1/18/19]

Inked by Anne Marsh. This book is in the new Harlequin Dare line. They say that these are not your mother’s harlequin novels. Well, in the case of Inked, I beg to differ.  I wish I would have known what I was getting was a clean romance novel with edgy language (where I guess the edgy language is supposed to satisfy the “fearless female” they consider to be their target audience?). Dear romance novel writers: If you want to write a clean romance, great, write a clean romance. But please please please advertise it as such or else you’re just going to make this particular reader never pick up another one of your books. Don’t claim to be giving me a racy read when in fact you’re giving me a clean romance. Also, I went into this book expecting some kind of suspense plot, but upon starting chapter ten, the suspense plot had yet to turn up. I threw this one back, and it’s going to be a long time (perhaps ten minutes until never?) before I give this author’s work another try. [12/30/18]