Dear Reader: I have started the 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited. What say you? Love it or leave it?

Tell me how many books you read in January. I finished 12 books. No 5-star reads.  Four books received 4-star ratings. How did you do?

Do you have a favorite fictional private investigator? Name drop in the comments.  I'm looking for reading inspiration.

english 251 – flash fiction story starter

Hello Class! Here is the blog post I promised in yesterday's class.  Your mission:  Write a piece of flash fiction that features the protagonist and antagonist you began creating in yesterday's class.  Remember that the story takes place in a mall.  You want to try to use the conflict/crisis/resolution structure we have been talking about... Continue Reading →

the stopping point

It's mid-term of the fall semester.  Like the fall semester of 2011, I have elected to give my students (and myself) a day off during this week.  They deserve it, and I need it.  But to say that today has been a "day off" or that I have any expectation that tomorrow I will be... Continue Reading →

a less caffeinated me

I love coffee. The sound of my coffee maker and the smell of coffee brewing, cradling the warm cup in my hands, and the first taste of the morning--these are the loveliest parts of my morning routine.  Perhaps because the act of making and drinking my morning coffee involves nearly all of my senses. It's... Continue Reading →

sunday ROW80 check-in ~ #7

Today's check-in may be more of a reflection than an update.  It may also be a bit disjointed; if it is, apologies in advance. It's Day 35 of Round 3 of ROW80.  I was just entering today's wordcount into the spreadsheet I've been keeping to track my progress toward my goals, and I realized that... Continue Reading →

sunday ROW80 check-in ~ #6

Hooray! I am finally ending my streak of missed Sunday check-ins!  I'm also making this check-in first thing in the morning, which is unusual but today it's necessary.  My afternoon is blocked off for a very special friend's bachelorette wine tasting party.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I'll be touring a few of the local... Continue Reading →

(belated) wednesday ROW80 check-in ~ #5

Yes, my post is late! Last night, as the clock rolled past midnight, I was in the middle of an epic writing session that not only yielded 6300+ words but also made my heroine's life rather miserable.  Someone got wine thrown in his face, tears were shed, trust was betrayed, and loads of embarrassment was... Continue Reading →

minimalist me

I'm not a minimalist, but I want to be. For the last few months, I've been a daily visitor to Wise Bread, a website devoted to frugal living.  As you might have guessed, many of the articles on Wise Bread are related to spending less money, consuming less, and saving more.  Although I find Wise... Continue Reading →

wednesday ROW80 check-in ~ #4

It's been a weird week.  About this time last week, I looked at the calendar--really looked at it--and realized that fall semester begins in less than five weeks.  That realization made me turn my thoughts toward work I get paid for and away from writing, the work I currently do for sheer pleasure.  Which means... Continue Reading →

summer cleaning

Have you ever tried to clean out your life?  What do you keep? What do you leave behind? How do you decide what to hold onto and what to let go of? Just before I sat down to write this post, I was shredding some old documents.  One of my tasks this summer has been... Continue Reading →

wednesday ROW80 check-in ~ #3

My how time has flown since Sunday! My check-in is just going to make it in on time, and that just says so much about the power of a deadline doesn't it?  Anyway, here's how the last few days have gone for me in terms of my goals: Goal #1 - Write 1000 words daily. ... Continue Reading →

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