sunday ROW80 check-in ~ #2

It's a beautiful, hot and sunny Sunday afternoon, and I'm loving it!  This morning and afternoon have been amazingly productive, and today's check-in post will be my third piece of completed writing for the day.  Seriously, how can I ask for anything more?  So here's the scoop on my first week in Round 3 of... Continue Reading →

a dollar’s worth of guilt

On Tuesday night, I bought Ceremonials by Florence + and the Machine. It was on sale for $0.99 on Amazon.  Yes, I got twelve new (and great) songs for $1.07 after tax.  I should be insanely happy about this.  I am insanely happy about this and have been enjoying my new music.  But I also... Continue Reading →

wednesday check-in #1

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for a ROW80 check-in.  Let's get the progress report part of this post out of the way first, shall we? Goal #1 - Write 1000 words daily.  I am only two days into my first round of this challenge, but I have met my daily writing goal both days. ... Continue Reading →

goals for round 3 of ROW80

It’s time to make goals for my first round of ROW80.  I’m trying my best to keep these goals simple, challenging, and achievable.  So here they are: Write at least 1,000 words each day, six days a week.  One thing I have learned in the last year is the importance of taking at least one... Continue Reading →

it’s time to declare

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine a couple of months ago.  She has always wanted to take a pottery class, but she had never made time in her life to do just that.  One of the things that I got from our conversation was that she wanted to create something, and... Continue Reading →

sunday unplugged

It was my first attempt this summer to completely unplug.  It happened one Sunday, last Sunday in fact… Before I recount what went down, all the successes and failures, I should do what I expect my students to do—define how I am using the term “unplugged”.  For me, being unplugged means not checking my e-mail,... Continue Reading →

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