review: “devil in the dollhouse”

“Devil in the Dollhouse” by Richard Kadrey (2012) In the timeline of the Sandman Slim series by Richard Kadrey, this is designated as number 3.5 since it comes after the third book in the series, Aloha From Hell and before Devil Said Bang, the fourth book. The story happens three days after the end of... Continue Reading →

review: trapped

Trapped by Kevin Hearne (2012) Trapped is the fifth book in Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles.  It features Atticus O'Sullivan, a 2,000-year-old druid, his faithful (and talking) hound, Oberon and his apprentice, Granuaile. The series is set in a world exactly like ours, except magic and supernatural creatures and gods exist within it.  At the... Continue Reading →

review: dead ever after

Note: This is the final novel in the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire series.  If you're not a fan of spoilers or haven't read all of the books in this series, you might want to look away. Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris (2013) I am only just now realizing that I didn't write any other reviews... Continue Reading →

review: charming

Charming by Elliott James (2013) Charming is the first novel in the Pax Arcana series by Elliott James.  When I stumbled upon this book on Amazon, the first blurb before the actual book blurb made references not only to Harry Dresden but also Dean Winchester and urban fantasy.  How was I supposed to resist? Especially... Continue Reading →

review: dead beat

Note: Dead Beat is the 7th book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher.  If you haven't read the previous books in the series, you may want to look away now. Dead Beat by Jim Butcher (2005) There's a tiny part of me that has been reluctant to post reviews for the books in... Continue Reading →

book review: sandman slim

Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey (2009) I’m worried that I’m about to sound like a broken record, but I’m not going to let that stop me.  Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey is the first novel in an urban fantasy series.  Yes, another first novel in a series.  If you haven’t caught on yet, I like... Continue Reading →

review: hounded

Hounded by Kevin Hearne (2011) As much as I try to read what is already on my bookshelf or loaded onto my Kindle, there are times when I just want to buy a new, shiny book.  This is how I discovered Hounded by Kevin Hearne.  I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to read and... Continue Reading →

review: fated

Fated by Benedict Jacka (2012) Fated is the first installment in the Alex Verus series.  Alex is a mage living in London where he runs a magic shop.  He is not necessarily on the good side of the Council, the power center of Mage society.  As you might expect, Mage society is stratified, and there... Continue Reading →

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